3 Day Best Of Kenya's Rift Valley Lakes Birding Tour

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Indulge yourself in the Very Best Wetland Birding in the World!

Kenya’s lakes are world renowned as the best birding spots in the world. In fact, Lake Baringo holds one of the World Records for the amount of birds counted in one area at one given time. Where there’s water, there’s birds – and lots of them. Enjoy the very best of Kenya’s wetland and terrestrial bird species on this magical Kenya Birding Tour

Starting in the fantastic Lake Baringo, we’ll then head to the beautiful Lake Bogoria, where you’ll be blown-away by volcanic hot springs and thousands of Flamingos and waterbird species that call this salt-lake their home. And then finally finishing at the World Famous “Birdwatchers’ Paradise” that is Lake Nakuru National Park!

Join us as we take you on not only the best lakes for birding Africa has to offer, but arguably the best in world! These lakes are World Record holders you know!

Brief Tour Itinerary

Day 1 & 2 – Lake Baringo & Lake Bogoria

On your first day of the tour we’ll head north to Lake Bogoria National Reserve that is famed for not only it’s dramatic volcanic hot springs but also for it’s Flamingo population – a staggering figure of over one million have been spotted at one time! We’ll then travel to Lake Baringo to do a spot of birding and get some well deserved rest!!

On Day 2, we’ll be birding around the stunning Lake Baringo. We’ll be heading onto the lake via a boat ride to find the trickier to spot species whilst looking out for African Fish Eagles hunting and displaying their territory calls. After lunch where we’ll take you birding around the scrubland and dramatic cliffs that surround the lake in search of bird of prey such as the Dark Chanting-Goshawk, Spotted Scops Owls and Verreaux’s Eagle-owl among many other wonderful species of this region.

In the late afternoon we’ll travel to Lake Nakuru, aka “Birdwatchers Paradise” where we’ll be staying the night.

*Great White Pelican - Photo credit: Bob Longhorn

*Lesser Flamingo

Day 3 – Lake Nakuru National Park

Renowned as “Birdwatchers Paradise” this place will blow your feathers off! Up to a million flamingos have been recorded here at one given time. That’s a million flamingos people! It was also the first National Park in Africa to be established due to the abundance of birdlife found here.

​The National Park also gives you the opportunity to see the ‘Big 5’, along with many other mammal species.

The park is also famed for it’s Black Rhino population, which is unfortunately a rare sighting these days.

​After you’ve enjoyed a morning of breathtaking birding and game seeing, we’ll head back to Nairobi and drop you off at your respected hotel or residence.

Key Bird Species

Popular species on this tour: African Fish Eagle, Yellow-billed Hornbill, Greater Flamingo

Below is a list of species likely to be encountered on this tour:

Greater Flamingo, Lesser Flamingo, African Fish Eagle, African Jacana, Black Crake, Goliath Heron, Little Bittern, Purple Heron and White-faced Whistling Duck, Spotted Eagle-Owl, Northern White-faced Scops Owl, Shikra, Dark Chanting-Goshawk, Verreaux’s Eagle, Slender-tailed Nightjar, Heuglin’s Courser, Blue-capped Cordon-bleu, D’Arnaud’s Barbet, Black-throated Barbet, Brubru, Grey-headed Bushshrike, Jackson’s Golden-backed Weaver, Northern Masked Weaver, White-billed Buffalo-Weaver, Beautiful Sunbird, Jackson’s Hornbill, Yellow-billed Hornbill, Hemprich’s Hornbill, Northern Red Bishop, Brown-tailed Rock Chat, Mocking Cliff-Chat, Bristle-crowned Starling, Greater Flamingo, Lesser Flamingo, Pink-backed Pelican, Pied Avocet, Blacksmith Plover, Coqui Francolin, Hilderbrandt’s Francolin, Black Cuckoo, African Cuckoo, Grey-crested Helmetshrike, Cape Teal, Hottentot Teal and Red-billed Teal, Dusky Nightjar, Montane Nightjar, Maccoa Duck, Malachite Sunbird or White-backed Duck.

*African Hoopoe

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