We are Sustainable Birding

We don't do 'off the shelf' birding tours.

We personally create each and every trip down to the very last detail. Sustainable Birding are a team of birding experts who use our in-depth knowledge to ensure that your birding holiday is tailored to your specific requirements.

Our Birding Tours

Explore our selection of Scheduled Group Birding Tours, meticulously designed to visit the world’s foremost birding areas on designated dates each year. Refer to our ‘Birding Calendar’ for tour schedules, dates, and fixed prices.

At Sustainable Birding, our goal is to ensure that every birding holiday we create contributes positively to bird conservation efforts and local communities. Our determination to promote sustainable travel led us to become founding members of Tourism Declares Climate Emergency. As part of this commitment, we’ve established the world’s pioneering carbon scoring and offsetting framework for tailor-made holidays. Feel free to request us to carbon score your individual trip!

Our Past

In 2016, I set up Sustainable Birding with the aim to be the number one birding tour company in Kenya. From my own personal experience going on birding tours around the world, I quickly realised there was hole in the market for superb, well-crafted birding tours.  

So, I had an aim – birding tours – and it went well. So well, in fact, that we branched out into Uganda, then Tanzania, and eventually Ethiopia. Birding tours were within my reach, yet I aspired to offer our clients more. What if, by joining a birding tour, you could not only aid in the conservation of bird species you get to see tours but also offset your carbon footprint, contribute to local communities, and minimize your travel impact? That’s precisely what we set out to do. Explore our Sustainable Projects and CarbonScoring schemes for details on how we’re accomplishing this.

Our Future

I’m so proud to announce that Sustainable Birding is progressing even further, with a huge partnership with the simply brilliant Far & Wild – a pioneering travel company, who hold the same values as Sustainable Birding – committed to the detail of customer experience and sustainable travel. We now have a whole team of professional and experienced travel experts at our whim and it’s the start of something special and rather beautiful. Having started the company on my own, I couldn’t be happier to have such like-minded and knowledgeable people on board.

Lastly, one thing you’ll quickly learn about me is the profound love I hold for birds and travel. East Africa holds my heart, having been my home for 10 years and where I’ve built a family home in the stunning Lake Naivasha. However, I feel equally at home in the cloud forests of Peru or while exploring the Australian outback. I am eager to get to know you, so feel free to give me a call or send an email, and let’s discuss birding destinations!

– Sam Ferguson, Founder and Managing Director

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