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Renowned as the ‘Birdwatcher’s Paradise’, this is a birding tour you won’t want to miss!

Prepared to be blown away with the over 300+ species that can be seen at this magnificent alkaline lake. A birding tour to Lake Nakuru National Park is a must for any birder!

Renowned as the “Birdwatchers Paradise”, Lake Nakuru National Park will blow your feathers off! Up to a million flamingos have been recorded here at one given time. That’s a million flamingos people! It was also the first National Park in Africa to be established due to the sheer abundance of birdlife found here.

Lake Nakuru National Park also gives you the opportunity of seeing 4 of the ‘Big 5’, along with many other mammal species.

The park is renowned for its Black Rhino population, which is unfortunately now endangered due to habitat loss and relentless poaching. This beautiful place really does have it all and is one you certainly don’t want to miss.

Join us on an unforgettable birding tour at Lake Nakuru National Park!

Key Bird Species

Popular Bird Species on this Lake Nakuru National Park Birding Tour: Greater Flamingo, Verreaux’s Eagle, Hilderbrandt’s Francolin

Below is a list of species likely to be encountered on this tour!

Greater Flamingo, Lesser Flamingo, Verraux’s Eagle, Pink-backed Pelican, Pied Avocet, Blacksmith Plover, Coqui Francolin, Hilderbrandt’s Francolin, Black Cuckoo, African Cuckoo, Grey-crested Helmetshrike, Cape Teal, Hottentot Teal and Red-billed Teal, Dusky Nightjar, Montane Nightjar, Maccoa Duck, Malachite Sunbird and White-backed Duck. Among much much more!

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Lake Nakuru

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