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Johnson, our guide for Kenya Birding Tours

Local Knowledge & Expertise

“At Sustainable Birding Company, we have what it takes to discover the hidden treasure of the tropical bird world! Our favourable and highly rated birding hotspots and best parks for birding will offer you the most amazing, world class experience of a lifetime and leave you with lots of unforgettable memories. Within the SBC’s birding circuits, you will find great local bird experts who work together with our professional bird guides to give you the secrets of locating the best bird hotspots and amazing knowledge on the bird world!”

Paul – SBC Operations Manager


The Sustainable Birding Company’s Professional Bird Guides work in collaboration with local bird conservation NGOs and local guides to find the very best birding site and hot spots the country has to offer. Most of which are Important Bird Areas sites and varying in different habitats

From ‘The True Birders’ Haven’ of Semuliki National Park to the savanna grasslands of the Masai Mara in Kenya, there’s so much East Africa has to offer, so join us on a Sustainable Birding Tour in Kenya or Uganda like no other!

Having fun on our Kenya Birding Tour and Uganda Birding Tours
Beautiful sunsets on our Uganda Birding Tours and Kenya Birding Tours


“Many birding companies have put bad records globally as they make lots of money off the business and leave the host nations and the locals more vulnerable and even poorer. This is why; it’s time for SBC to become the change it wants to see in the bird world! We are here to give back to the local communities! Every penny you put into our pockets as you book your lovely and life glimmering birding tours is directed to help change the lives of the local inhabitants of the birding circuit regions. This we achieve through the super collaboration with our key partners as Nature Kenya who work tirelessly to ensure this dream is realised! So book your tours today and be part of this great and noble change!”

PaulSBC Operations Manager, Kenya

Conservation of Bird Species in Kenya through SBC

Not only do we give to local bird conservation charities after each one of our tours, we also form part of the citizen-science team for the Kenya Bird Map Project. All our birding tours contribute data to this bird atlas, where we get to contribute to the conservation of birds species within Kenya, through documenting where species occur in the country. Whilst out on our tours, our professional guides also take the responsibility to motivate local birders to join this very important project. For ecosystems and species to be conserved in a sustainable manner, everybody’s contribution is key to this very important project. Join us on our tours and get a chance to take part in this very interesting and important bird mapping programme. Kenya’s Birds need all our efforts.

Kenya endemic the Sokoke Scops Owl on our Kenya Birding Tours

Photo credit: Bob Longhorn

Kenya Birding Tours

Something Special

Book with us today and be part of award-winning ethical and sustainable tourism!

Established in 2016, we are renowned as the best birdwatching tour company in East Africa

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