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If it’s a Half Day tour to a 28 Day Kenya Birding Tour you’re after, then we’re here to help you create it. From the iconic savannah of the Masai Mara to the birding tropics of Arabuko Sokoke, we’ll get you a birding tour in Kenya like no other! Just scroll through the list below, look at the destination/s and then send us a request and we’ll do the rest. It’s as simple as that!

Birders are a funny breed, they come in all shapes and sizes. From the casual, to the extreme. From the laid back to the energetic. So that’s why we’re here to cater for the individual birder so they get the best Kenya birding tour. So, if it’s a casual birding tour or an extensive birding tour you’re after, we’re here to help. We also provide Kenya birding tours for professional photographers and scientists to find a particular species in a particular area of Kenya. Take a look below at our list to see which Birding Hot Spots you’d like to visit.

Nairobi National Park Birding Tour

Proclaimed “The Worlds Wildlife Capital”, Nairobi National Park is home to a huge amount of wildlife and bird life. And the best thing is, it’s a half an hour drive from the city!

Set on the city’s southern outskirts, Nairobi National Park is one of Africa’s smallest national parks (117 sq km), but boy does it pack a punch! With wide open planes and a backdrop of the city’s impressive skyline, it’s the only national park that boarders a city.

Most impressively though, the park has an incredible amount of diverse bird life, with over 520 species recorded. If you’re a birding enthusiast or simply want a fun day out with us and learning along the way then you will not be disappointed.

Join us on one of our Kenya birding tours at Nairobi National Park!

The beautiful colours of the Pangani Longclaw seen on our Kenya Birding Tours
Huge flocks of Great White Pelicans can be seen on our Kenya Birding Tours

Lake Naivasha Birding Tour

The World Famous Lake Naivasha has an abundance in Wildlife and Birdlife alike, and being just an hour and a half away from Nairobi, it’s no wonder why this stunning lake is so popular!

It’s the most productive of all the Rift Valley lakes, so you can only imagine how much this place has to offer. This place is a birding spot not to be missed. With over 400 species of birds known from the area, we promise you a unforgettable Kenya Birding Tour.

Join us on one of our Kenya Birding Tours at the beautiful Lake Naivasha!

Hell's Gate National Park Birding Tour

Who wants to be confined to 4 wheels anyway? Named for the hellacious volcanic activity beneath the park, Hell’s Gate is the one of the many few national parks in Africa that actually allows you to walk or cycle in. There’s nothing like coming face to face with a herd of zebras on a bicycle. Trust me they look a lot bigger when there’s nothing between you and a striped beast other than your bicycle! With spectacular scenery including the towering cliffs, water-gouged gorges, huge rock towers, scrub clad volcanoes and kettle-like plumes of geothermal steam, there’s a lot this place has to offer. And the best part, is that the birdlife is spectacular! From the exquisite Superb Starling to the all impressive Verreaux’s Eagle, there’s a lot of birding to keep you occupied. If you’re up for an adventure and don’t mind a little exercise then this tour is for you.

Join us on one of our Kenya birding tours at Hell’s Gate National Park!

Fun on our Kenya Birding Tours
Huge flocks of Flamingo seen on our Kenya Birding Tours

Lake Nakuru National Park Birding Tour

Lake Nakuru National Park is renowned as the  ‘Birdwatcher’s Paradise’, and was the first national park in Africa to be set up with an avian conservation objective. Up to a million flamingos have been recorded in this park depending on their regional migration! Along with many bird species, it’s also a great game park, where a particular highlight is the rare and endangered Black Rhino.

Join us on one of our Kenya birding tours at Lake Nakuru National Park!

Arabuko Sokoke Birding Tour

Fancy some Coastal Tropical Birding? Then this may just be for you. Being East Africa’s largest remaining Tropical Coastal Forest, there’s no wonder so many people are flocking here!

Arabuko-Sokoke Forest has been ranked by BirdLife International as the second most important forest for bird conservation on mainland Africa. More than 230 bird species are recorded, including nine globally threatened species.

Sustainable Birding has never been so important so join us on one of our Kenya birding tours at Arabuko Sokoke Forest!

Kenyan endemic the Sokoke Scops Owl seen on our Kenya Birding Tours
The gorgeous Violet-backed Starling seen on our Kenya Birding Tours

Mount Kenya National Park Birding Tour

Fancy some altitude birding to see some very special birdlife? Then we certainly recommend adding the iconic Mount Kenya on one of our Kenya birding tours.

The scenery surrounding this designated World Heritage Site is truly breathtaking, with its pristine wilderness of lakes, tarns, glaciers, dense forest, mineral springs, high altitude adapted plains game, unique montage and alpine vegetation and a massive selection birdlife of and wildlife alike – this park truly a World Wonder.

Join us on one of our Kenya birding tours at Mount Kenya National Park!

Lake Baringo & Lake Bogoria Birding Tour

Kenya’s lakes are world renowned as the best birding spots in the world. In fact, Lake Baringo holds of the most amount birds counted in one area in one given time, and over a million flamingo have been recorded at Lake Bogoria National Reserve! Got your attention now?

Join us on one of our Kenya birding tours at Lake Baringo and Lake Bogoria National Reserve!

The great Tawny Eagle seen on one of our Kenya Birding Tours
Glorious African sunsets on our Kenya Birding Tours

Samburu National Reserve Birding Tour

Samburu National Reserves is a stunning rugged and semi-desert par located in Samburu district in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya. They’re also home to the hardy Samburu tribe – known for their remote culture, pastoral and nomadic ways of life.

Due to its remote distance and the fact that it was unreachable for many years, the park has retained a naturally serene and quiet feeling. Besides the numerous big wildlife found in the reserve, it’s also a spectacular birding hot spot boasting over 350 different bird species – a true hidden birding gem.

Join us on one of our Kenya birding tours at Samburu National Reserve!



Tsavo East National Park Birding Tour

Step into the seductive red semi-desert of Tsavo East National Park. Home to man-eating (yes, really), red-stained African Elephants and scenery that is unlike anywhere else on earth. This place is as wild as it gets!

​The best thing yet is that there has been over 500 species of birds recorded here. The park is home to 61 of the 94 species of the Somali-Masai biome that occur in Kenya, and four globally threatened species: Taita Thrush, Friedmann’s Lark, Lesser Kestrel and Basra Reed Warbler. 

Join us on one of our Kenya Birding Tours at Tsavo East National Park!

The amazing Golden-breasted Starling seen on our Kenya Birding Tours
 The majestic Black-shouldered Kite seen on our Kenya Birding Tours

Masai Mara National Reserve Birding Tour

This place needs no introduction. The world-famous Masai Mara National Reserve, regarded as 7th wonder of the world, is home to an abundant of amount of big game and predators with rolling savannah to make your jaw drop.

​With over 560 bird species, from the Southern Ground Hornbill to the largest flying bird in the world, the Kori Bustard, there’s plenty to get your binoculars misty!

Join us on one of our Kenya Birding Tours at Masai Mara National Reserve!

Kakamega Forest Birding Tour

Saving one of the best for last, the beautiful Kakamega Forest Reserve is a birder’s dream. One of the last remaining ancient forests of East Africa, this beautiful forest holds a wide array of birdlife. It’s one of the last remaining birding locations in Kenya where you can find the spectacular Great Blue Turaco, and is also home to one of world’s smartest birds but now unfortunately endangered, the African Grey Parrot!

Join us on one of our Kenya Birding Tours at Kakamega Forest

The shy but loud Yellow-billed Barbet seen on our Uganda Birding Tours
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