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Meet The Sustainable Birding Company’s Uganda Birdwatching Team. These guys will blow your feathers off!

Our Field Team have second to none experience in the field of Ugandan Ornithology and pride themselves on giving you the very best birding tour imaginable. Our Field Team are all from Uganda and know the landscape like the back of their hand. They all have an academic background and a deep passion in conservation, knowing exactly how vital it is to have Sustainable Tourism for their beloved birds here in Uganda. Let them take you through Uganda’s most unique and exquisite birding hot spots and take you on a Ugandan Birding Tour like no other!

Meet Arshley, our Lead Birdwatching Guide

Arshley is a friendly young man born and raised in Uganda’s most visited National park (Queen Elizabeth National Park) where his father worked as an interpretive guide. Arshley’s interest in wildlife started when he was just 7 years old as he enjoyed watching wild animals that always roamed around his family home. Through this early passion Arshley then underwent academic studies and after completing at an advanced level with good results he was awarded a free scholarship at International University Of East Africa where he pursued a Bachelors Degree In Tourism Operations and Forestry the course he believed to have studied with passion. Before working for any tour company Arshley’s father ensured he acquires enough knowledge by training him on all of East Africa’s birds, tree species, good defensive driving skills, mammals and overall knowledge on tourist attractions which turned out to make Arshley a unique and well equipped guide. Arshley is a qualified member of the Uganda Safari Guides Association and the Uganda Bird Guides Club. Arshley is an enthusiastic Bird Guide who has attended several bird watching courses and boasts a personal identification level of 830 bird species! Arshley participated in the 2016 Uganda’s Big Birding Day where he was the second best and was recognised on the First African Birding Expo as Uganda’s youngest Tour Guide. Arshley’s favorite bird is the Green-breasted Pitta

Arshley, our lead guide for Uganda Birding Tours
Stephen, our lead guide for Uganda Birding Tours

Meet Stephen, our Lead Birdwatching Guide

As a boy Stephen grew up on a farm in the Masindi region, where his childhood chores included tending his parent’s livestock (much to his delight). This exposure to animals at such young age, and also backed up by contently observing the beautiful wildlife straying onto their farmland led to an interest in wildlife, and especially the birds . He undertook a course in Wildlife Management at the Lake Katwe Wildlife Management Institute where he gained further experience as a zookeeper at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre in Entebbe, a researcher/surveyor for the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), before becoming a Uganda naturalist guide in 2002. Stephen is a member of the Uganda Driver/Guide Association, and also the Uganda Birdwatching Society. As an avid birder, Stephen has attended several certificated birding courses, and has a personal identification level of 960 species! Stephen’s favourite bird is the Karamoja Apalis

Meet Patience, our Assistant Birdwatching Guide

Patience was born and raised in Western Uganda, where from a very young age she began to fall in love with the incredible abundance of birdlife and wildlife that surrounded her on a day-to-day basis. Patience studied at the Rubaga Girls Secondary School before joining Makerere University for a degree in Tourism Operations and Management. After finishing her studies, she passionately wanted to become a guide so attended many tourism training courses and became a member and trains with Destination Birders – a group of young enthusiastic bird mappers. Patience has proudly traveled to every birding hot spot destination in Uganda – which is no small feat! Patience is a qualified member of Uganda Safari Guides Association and one of the greatest female guides the country can offer! Patience’s favourite bird is the Regal Sunbird.

Patience, our guide for Uganda Birding Tours
Nelly, our guide for Uganda Birding Tours

Meet Nelly, our Assistant Birdwatching Guide

One would call Nelly a wonderful, friendly, caring and a humble guide. One of his best qualities is his ability to simply keep you smiling! Born and raised from the mid-western part of Uganda, Nelson’s interest and love of wildlife rose from when he was just 8 years of age where he felt extremely distressed whenever he came across an injured bird or animal on his grandfather’s farm. As a young boy on the farm Nelly self taught himself the all the calls and songs of the birds on the farm which gave him a sweet feeling of appreciation for nature and wild. Nelson underwent studies and holds a bachelors degree in Human Resource Management from Makerere University. After his university Nelly decided to go for further studies in ornithology at Lake Katwe Tourism Institute of Uganda where he was awarded the highest certificate. From then, he has been fully involved in Tourism as a guide and has attended several birding excursions and is fully recognized member of the Uganda safari guides association. (USAGA). Nelly’s favorite bird is the Great Blue Turraco!

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