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Meet The Sustainable Birding Company’s Office Team. These hard working Birders are the backbone of Operations to give you the Ultimate East African Birding Experience!

Our Office Team work hard doing the nitty-gritty bits of operations to give you wonderful birders the very best East Africa Birding Tour so you don’t have to worry. They will get you the best accommodation suited for you whilst also making sure everything runs smoothly throughout your tour. Give them a round of applause, they deserve it!

Meet Paul, our Operations Manager

“Since graduation in 2011, I have worked with various conservation organisations, all of which have acted as key models of my skills to give back to nature. Since childhood I have had a deep love for birds. When I was 10 years old I often watched the Bronze Manikin, the Blue-capped Cordon-bleu and the Purple Grenadier come around my grandmother’s house to feed from the chaff and grain remains from the lawn from where she dried her cereals. During my career days in college, I was never left out of ornithology groups, where I was the first one to arrive and last one to leave! Since then birding has been my lifetime hobby and when SBC came to birth, I was so very happy and glad to take up a chance to follow my passion and also give back to the bird world! My favourite bird is the Fisher’s Lovebird!”

Paul, our Operations Manager for Kenya Birding Tours
Tim, our Financial Analyst for Kenya Birding Tours

Meet Tim, our Financial Analyst

“My interest in nature was aroused by the local TV series like the Big Cat Diary in the late 90s and stories from my Old Man who worked as a rail road engineer within the Tsavo National Park but the beauty of birding eventually dawned on me in my Ornithology module at university. Being at SBC with colleagues who share same dreams and passion as me, is like living my dream and it goes true for the say ‘we ain’t working, we’re having fun’. I consider Kenya to be the number one birding spot in the world, just imagine having over 320 bird species within the capital city where the human population is in north of 5 million. My number one bird is the Great Blue Turaco of Kakamega Forest! A thing of beauty!”

Meet Alicia, our Community Development Advisor

“Hi, I’m Alicia, acting as an advisor to SBC on a ad-hoc probono basis with regard to understanding and acting on what we mean by sustainability, especially when it comes to human and institutional sustainability. As time goes on we will hopefully be partnering with local NGOs working on diversification of income in birding hotspot areas so that we can also achieve outcomes like enabling young people to earn a living from sustainable birding, and grow their passion for nature in a way that also helps their families and communities. Currently working in Nairobi for BBC Media Action on governance and health projects, I have a real passion for grassroots community-led work and look forward to seeing what we can support here in Kenya. My favourite bird is the Malachite Kingfisher”.

Meet Alicia, our Community Development Advisor for Kenya and Uganda Birding Tours
Kenya Birding Tours

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