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Meet The Sustainable Birding Company’s Kenya Birding Team. These guys will blow your feathers off!

Our Field Team have second to none experience in the field of Kenyan Ornithology and pride themselves on giving you the very best birding tour imaginable. Our Field Team are all from Kenya, and know the landscape like the back of their hand. They all have an academic background and a deep passion in conservation, knowing exactly how vital it is to have Sustainable Tourism for their beloved birds here in Kenya. Let them take you through Kenya’s most unique and exquisite Birding Hot Spots and take you on a Kenyan Birding Tour like no other!

Meet Sammy, our Kenya Bird Guide

Sammy was born on the slopes of Mt Kenya. This is a place of rivers, streams, forests, and lush vegetation teeming with animals, insects, and an abundance of bird species. Sammy learned his trade as a young man by guarding his family’s livestock and making meticulous notes about the habits of the birds he saw. This interest in birds from an early age led him to an education in Biological sciences. After his education, he studied Tour Guiding & Travel in college, and after qualifying he worked in various safari lodges and camps as a Resident Ornithologist and Naturalist. Sammy is a highly qualified and very knowledgeable guide where his expertise especially shines through in birding and photography but also general Big 5 safaris. He is referred to as the ‘Walking Encyclopedia of Kenya Birds’, due to his expertise and experience in bird guiding but also because along with Lorenzo Barelli and Jaques Pitteloud, he co-authored a photographic guide book on birds in Kenya titled ‘Wings of Kenya’. Sammy truly is regarded as one of the very best guides in Kenya and we couldn’t be happier that he is part of the SBC Team. Sammy will show you the true magic of Kenya’s birds!

Sammy’s favourite bird is the Blue-headed Bee-eater.

Meet Sammy, our lead guide for birding tours in Kenya
Meet Johnson, our guide for birding tours in Kenya

Meet Johnson, our Kenya Bird Guide

Johnson Mwabaya Kafulo was born along the Eastern edge of Arabuko Sokoke Forest; and next to the famous Gede Ruins in Kilifi, Kenya. Having lived around this magical ecosystem, he was driven by lively nature curiosity and developed deep interest in fauna and flora. He is a long-time member of Arabuko Sokoke Forest Guides Association. In 2007 he was elected as the group chairman. He has taken part in many research projects. He holds a Certificate in Tour Guiding and Administration. He has enriched his knowledge through varied courses such as the Intensive Tour Guiding Field Training Course by Arocha Kenya, the Driver Guiding Techniques Course from Kenya Utalii College, the Induction Course in Tour Guiding, and National Avi-Tourism Training both organised by Nature Kenya. He holds a Bronze badge from the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association. He has been featured in many publications, including the “Guide to Watamu” booklet. He also got an audience with KBC TV Eco-watch program. His favourite bird is the Sokoke Scops Owl

Meet Samuel, our Assistant Kenya Bird Guide

Samuel, born and bred in the Rift Valley region, is a birding enthusiast and very passionate bird guide. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Conservation Biology. His undergraduate research project was partly supported by Nature Kenya and focused on “The Effects of Papyrus Degradation on Habitat Preference, Abundance, Species Richness and Diversity of Avifauna at Yala Swamp”. In 2015, Working as a Field Research Assistant, Samuel contributed largely in the development of Oloisukut Community Conservancy Management Plan. Samuel was among the pioneer members of Kenyatta University Birding Club (KUBC), where he once served as an official. He is also an active member of the Kenya Bird Map (KBM) and Ecological Society of East Africa (ESEA). When not on safari, he serves as a Field Assistant in a research project aimed at Assessing the Nest Site-selection and Food Choices among the Urban African Crowned Eagles in Nairobi, Kenya. His favourite bird is the Papyrus Gonolek.

Meet Samuel, our assistant guide for birding tours in Kenya
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