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Meet The Sustainable Birding Company team! What an incredibly handsome bunch ay?

Our team pride themselves on providing second-to-none experience and expertise in the field of birding. From Bee-eaters to Lammergeyers we know how to find them! We say that birding is a lot like Pokemon – You Gotta Catch Em All! And that’s exactly what we intend to do for you on our tours!

Launch of our Uganda Birding Tours!
Sam, the Director behind our Birding Tours in Uganda and Kenya

Sam – Founder & CEO

Our Story


Hi, I’m Sam the founder of SBC, and the first thing you’ll probably get to know about me is that I am absolutely passionate about conserving wildlife!

The other thing you’ll find is that I adore all things feathered! Ornithology is my passion, but over the years I have found myself working on a huge variety of ecological surveys and projects from birds in Madagascar to surveying moths in the beautiful countryside of Surrey, England.

​But what really kick started my career was here in Africa, especially Kenya. I’ve spent a huge amount of time with various NGO and volunteering positions, and as you can imagine, I naturally fell in love with the place and it’s incredible birdlife.

So let me get to the point. I’m a deep deep believer in ecotourism, and whilst being here I slowly started to realise the lack of sustainable methods of tourism in Kenya. Big safari tour companies have been exploiting Kenya for a long time. Most of which, aren’t even from Kenya, where they do not employ local guides or give anything back to conserve it’s wildlife, the very thing they’re taking their customers to see!

So what we’re trying to achieve here at The Sustainable Birding Company is a sustainable method of tourism for Kenya, where money generated from our tours goes directly back to local conservation charities, while also giving back to local communities by only employing local bird guides (they are insanely talented, blows my mind), all of which have been trained and guided by the amazing Nature Kenya, whilst also providing you the most professional and fun birding experience along the way. Just you wait until you see the stunning Great Blue Turaco of Kakamega Forest whilst also knowing that you have given back to the preservation of that species and also helped local communities along the way! You’ll feel good about yourself, and so you should – and that’s what we’re all about here at SBC.

​Anyway, I’ll stop rambling now. Come with us and have a birding adventure like no other!

​Oh, and my favourite bird is the punk-rocker-look-a-like the African Hoopoe [wd_hustle id=”AfricanHoopoe” type=”slidein”](click here to meet him)[/wd_hustle]!

Kenya Birding Tours

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Book with us today and be part of award-winning ethical and sustainable tourism!

Established in 2016, we are renowned as the best birdwatching tour company in East Africa

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