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Tsavo East National Park is one of the last remaining wildernesses. With man-eating lions (yes, really), red-stained elephants, and scenery that is unlike anywhere else on earth, Tsavo East National Park is as wild as it gets!

With over 300 plus bird species, and African wildlife and scenery that will make your jaw-drop, we couldn’t recommend visiting Tsavo East National Park enough for a birding tour. It’s a truly incredible and unique birding experience. 

The sight of red stained elephants wallowing, rolling and spraying each other with the midnight blue waters of palm-shaded Galana River is one of the most evocative images in Africa. This, along with the 300 kilometre long Yatta Plateau, the longest lava flow in the world, make for a unforgettable time. Tsavo really is a world wonder. Oh, and I forgot about the part with the infamous man-eating lions… but don’t worry, you’re safe with us! Tsavo is the largest protected area in Kenya and is home to large mammals and vast herds of dust with elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion, leopard, pods of hippo, crocodile, waterbucks, lesser kudu, gerenuk and much more. However, the prolific birdlife here is absolutely incredible, with over 500 recorded species! This place will serve you well for two days as you soak in the wildlife and birdlife alike, and you too become red from the Tsavo dust.

Join us on an unforgettable Sustainable Birding Tour in Tsavo East National Park!

Key Bird Species

Popular Bird Species seen on this Tsavo East National Park Birding Tour: Martial Eagle, Taita White-eye, Eastern Paradise Whydah


Below is a list of species likely to be encountered on this tour!

Two-banded Courser, Somali Courser, Somali Crombec, Somali Sparrow, Red-winged Lark, Three-streaked Tchagra, Black-headed Plover, Spotted Thick-knee, Golden-breasted Starling, Shelley’s Starling, Fischer’s Starling, Tawny Eagle, Martial Eagle, Lesser Spotted Eagle and Eastern Paradise Whydah. Taita White-eye, Taita Thrush and Taita Apalis. Other birds will be likely too including Stripe- cheeked Greenbul, African Paradise Flycatcher, Evergreen Forest warbler, Yellow-throated Woodland Warbler, Crowned Eagle and Great Sparrowhawk.

The stunning Northern Carmine Bee-eater seen on our Tsavo East National Park Birding Tour
What to expect on this Tsavo East National Park Birding Tour
The Lizard Buzzard seen on ourWhat to expect on this Tsavo East National Park Birding Tour

Tsavo East

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