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The Sustainable Birding Company

At the Sustainable Birding Company, we’re focused on giving you the best possible birding experience, while also being as ethical and sustainable along the way!

The Sustainable Birding Company’s mission is to be the best eco-friendly birding tour company in Africa. All of our tours are tailor-made to each client, where we have a passion to provide you with the most unique and exclusive birding tours along with giving you the very best cultural experience East Africa has to offer.

From our tour to the tropical rain forests of Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda to the beautiful Savannah of the Masai Mara in Kenya you won’t be disappointed. We will bring you closer than ever to East Africa’s spectacular wilderness, whilst serving your every birding need! No other continent on earth has the ability to capture your soul in the way Africa does. Trust me, I was hooked on day one!

We tailor-make your itineraries to allow your birding experience to be fun and relaxed without denting your wallet. Our dedicated team of professional birders & tour operators are always at hand to help you when it comes to the types of accommodation you would like to stay in. From camping to glamping, to high end to low end hotels, or even a Tarzan style canopy tree house, we’ll find it for you! Just let us know in the enquiry section on the contact page any requirements and we will meet them. Why shouldn’t you have the most awesome time here? You deserve it!

All our tours come with an experienced driver, a professionally trained birder and professional bird photographer so you don’t miss any pics along the way! Our tours also come with a safari style thatched roofed 4×4 vehicle for the ultimate birding experience!

SBC would also like to drive home the point that we are an ecotourism birding company with the wildlife in mind. If you feel you’d like to donate to any our wonderful partnerships, then please visit our partners page. Any donations are truly appreciated!

So what are you waiting for? Join SBC on an unrivalled birding experience and have the time of you life.

Birding Tours That Make a Difference!

A Sustainable future is a better future!

“Our main mission is to offer nothing but the best sustainable Ecotourism in Tropical Birding. Our priorities are to offer a viable combination of cultural and ecological protection, increase local community awareness of the value of preserving natural birding environments, and ultimately to aid in economic development.

For the past decade, the majority of ecotourism efforts have focused primarily towards advancing their economic objectives rather than advocating for the protection of the resources that attract visitors, and the protection of local communities. There have been too many acts of exploiting the locals and leaving them vulnerable without full appreciation of their efforts towards conservation. At SBC, the local community will always be our first priority. In order to maintain our birding hot-spot in glory for the future generation of global birders, the people next door must be the ones put in charge to take forward this noble course.

Join us today in achieving this by booking a lifetime of memories, Tours with a difference!”

Paul – SBC Operations Manager

Kenya Birding Tours

Something Special

Book with us today and be part of award-winning ethical and sustainable tourism!

Established in 2016, we are renowned as the best birdwatching tour company in East Africa

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